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This review is for the Hartke HSB445 3p 3 pack bass string set.

Price: $25 - Sam Ash Music, Nashville TN

Gauge: 45 - 65 - 80 - 105

String Material: Nickel Wound over Hex Core

Initial Rating: 5 OUT OF 5 (This is a good Product)

The Story: I purchased these strings at SamAsh Music in Nashville TN shortly before doing a TV show shooting and a week on the road touring with my band. My test materials were a Warwick Streamer $$ bass and a MarkBass 2x10 Combo amplifier. My initial response to these strings was good, they strung up very easily just like any other string. They don't have as much "grab" on your finger as a stainless string might, but that is to be expected with nickel strings and wont chew up frets as quickly. They sounded very bright and had a very even tone across them. After stringing the Hartke HSB445s up I played about 30+ hours both in live venues and practicing. After 30 hours of playing I noticed that they weren't as bright as they were initally, but still sounded and felt VERY good compared to a lot of other "bargain" strings I've tried which usually are dead after playing a couple of hours. For the price of $25 for 3 sets of strings I HIGHLY reccommend giving them a try. You will NOT be dissappointed! You can view the video review below.

Overall Rating: 5 OUT OF 5 (This is a good product)

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