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postheadericon About is brought to you by Cayce Borden. I'm a working bassist in the Nashville, TN area. I'm very interested in helping people learn to play bass better from a bass players standpoint. It is my goal to use this site as a forum for bass players both new and old and provide usable information for players of all levels to help better understand their instrument and continue to move forward in their playing. My pledge is to provide original bass lessons and information from my own standpoint as well as provide information from outside sources that I find by just scouring the net. Once the site gets more underway it is also my goal to provide lessons and ideas from bass players other than myself.

I'm availble for Gigs and private instruction in and around Nashville, TN. If you would like to contact me you may do so here:

Cayce Borden
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We are going to offer FREE beginner bass lessons, FREE intermediate bass lessons, and FREE advanced bass lessons!

You'll also find this as a one stop source to find other sites offering bass lessons (both free and paid), find interviews from current working bassists, articles about bass, and reviews about bass.

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